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This Store Caries

This Store Caries
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We value the quality of our products over all else, while keeping prices at a level that is attainable for the first time customer or our recurring customer base (via product subscriptions.)


Being a small family-owned business, we aren’t just making our CBD products for you – many of our customers are our closest friends and family as well. We take pride in putting out clean, natural and potent hemp products for all of us.


Primary Jane will always put the customer first. We often spend time educating customers about CBD supplementation and guiding on a path toward a balanced life. Your goals are our goals.


In 2017 Jeffrey and Jacqui McGurren started developing the idea of Primary Jane in their small town of Hudson, NH. At the time, Jeffrey was the owner of a decorated apparel/graphic design company and Jacqui was working in the skincare and healthcare fields. Jeffrey had moved back from Los Angeles six years prior and was an avid body builder of twelve years. Shortly before the move from LA, Jeffrey had injured his back during training. After having an MRI, doctors discovered two bulging discs and arthritis in his spine, a daunting diagnosis for a young man. The pain became chronic and very irritating – sciatica that ran down his leg and into his foot, inflammation of the lower back, and limited mobility. Cortisone injections, pain relief medications, physical therapy, and chiropractic care seemed to only provide temporary relief or no relief at all. After expiring all of the doctor’s orders over the years, Jeffrey started seeking natural options through his own online research. His wife Jacqui had also been in 3 car accidents inside of one year and had just given birth to their first son. Plus, ten hours per day for the last few years at either a desk, or hunched over a client, did not provide any positive progress for her recovery. She was living with chronic neck and back pain of her own for the first time in her life. They knew that together they needed to seek a new path toward a balanced life.

A routine of stretching and yoga combined with lighter calisthenics style workouts was a good start to their recovery, but discovering CBD oil and other phytocannabinoid-rich hemp products opened up a whole new world. CBD was not an overly popular topic at the time. There were a lot of people who either had no idea what CBD oil was, or did not believe in its value. Jeff and Jacqui initially decided to purchase a topical and tincture product that they had found through research. They quickly discovered the benefits and never looked back. With Jacqui’s background in skin care, she was eager to formulate an all natural and effective topical product of her own. The REVIVE roll-on oil was the first product they had formulated and the reviews were amazing. Fast forward to 2023 – they now have a full line of vapor, topical, tincture, and edible CBD and Delta-8-THC products utilizing strains of hemp carefully sourced from New England, Oregon, and Colorado. Primary Jane is now extracting with their regional state licensed Maine-based laboratory and formulating/packaging almost all of their products inside New England with care and attention to detail in regard to product quality, effectiveness, price point, and a strong brand identity.

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